What We Do

Put simply, LeadProof allows you to make fewer calls and generate more sales. Utilising cutting edge in house technology, we apply innovated data capture and filtering methods to identify those prospects who are more likely to lead to a sale. Once we have identified your ideal prospects, we call these consumers to discuss any offer or service your brand is promoting.

By removing wastage and isolating those customers who have confirmed an interest in your brand, LeadProof only delivers you leads which have a higher conversion rate and who are ready to be your next customer.


How We Can Help

LeadProof allows you to stop wasting marketing dollars and start selling with leads that convert. Brands looking to scale their outbound telemarketing operations can now do so with LeadProof's innovative performance based model of calling verified phone leads that have expressed an interest in wanting to hear from your company.

Many businesses are unable to fund lead guzzling costly call centres. LeadProof solves this problem by only delivering you the highest quality leads, enabling you to maintain your highest quality sales staff, without wasting time and money recruiting additional sales agents who can't convert your leads.

By carefully identifying your ideal prospects and verifying consumer information, behaviour and interests via a personal phone call, we are able to deliver you leads which convert at a higher rate and ultimately improve your ROI, all on a cost per lead basis.

Because our performance based model is completely customisable, LeadProof caters for any business, regardless of its size or type. We can help improve the efficiency of your call centre and increase your lead conversions by sourcing customers with a longer engagement rate and lifetime value in order to grow your business.

Who We Are

At LeadProof we are more than your average lead generation company. We are in the business of ensuring you communicate with the most optimal audience for your brand. We like performance and we don’t like wastage so you can be sure that whenever you work with LeadProof (and we can strongly say that once you’ve worked with us once you won’t look back!) these are the metrics your campaign will live by.


The Fine Print

LeadProof and its partner companies strictly adhere to Australian anti-spamming regulations and the Australian Federal Privacy Act.

The personal information we collect from consumers via telephone conversations is delivered to the collection requirements of the National Privacy Principles and adheres to the requirements of the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 and the Spam Act 2003 which defines how consumers express consent.

The LeadProof team does everything it can to ensure the consumers we call are free from the ‘Do Not Call’ registry.

The recording of any phone calls are permission based.

We respect consumers moral and legal rights, providing consumers with the opportunity to opt-out of third-party use of information. Consumers can request access to their personal identifiable information for corrective and update purposes.

Only authorised parties are permitted to access identifiable information and LeadProof has the necessary security applications to ensure this information kept safe and away from the risk of security violations.

You’re in Good Company

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